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You can feel quiet time.
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At Fuma World Expedition we are proud to have spent the last 16 years exploring the fascinating landscapes and the unique culture of Japanese country; sharing these unforgettable moments with our guests.

Join us and explore Japan.

Fuma World Expedition provides a unique and unforgettable experience of exploring Japan best kept secret.
Japan motorcycle @@Tours(English)

We are the only motorcycle touring in Japan and high class motorcycle tours.

We offer valuable touring, you can see spectacular landscape and Japanese culture, or enjoy Japanese delicious food.

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Motorcycle Tours in Japan
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Canoe touring overnight in Naka-gawa river

Trial canoeing (2day)

In Naka-gawa runing from Tochigi-prefecture to Ibaragi-prefecture you can enjoy canoe and camping.
Canoe touring overnight in Shimanto-gawa river
@@@@2016 Schdule
Going down a famous clear stream Shimanto-gawa in Kochi-prefecture by canoe.
trekking and camping

We have more fond plans like canoe tour, camping, motorcycle tour in Japan.
Please ask us any queries you may have.

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